PSA: As the Impersonation continues…

Posted by: | on February 13, 2021

I do not play Animal Crossing: New Leaf anymore. If you see me on Club Tortimer or anywhere else, it’s not me! At the moment, I’ve only brought the game up to help out friends beyond when I made my last entry checking on my Dream Suite.

I will update this entry anytime I bring the game up again with what I did. If it’s not listed here, it wasn’t me. Simple at that.

I helped Zed out with his Setsubun video:

Before that, the last time I played was in 2019 to check on my Dream Suite (as written a few posts prior to this) and before that, I hadn’t played since the Welcome Amiibo update. I have not played on Club Tortimer since 2016.

I am only playing, in terms of Animal Crossing games, Animal Crossing: New Horizons right now and occasionally Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. You can find posts about both of those games (and Happy Home Designer whenever I get back to it) over on my main website.

To give a little update and reminder :)

Posted by: | on December 17, 2019

For those of you who are hoping for New Horizons content, I WILL be doing game play logs, videos, and streams like I did for New Leaf! But the game play logs/journals will be on my main site with main summary details over here instead of on this site (this is for New Leaf!).

I recently wrote another entry a few days ago about the main things I’m wondering with New Horizons less than 100 days away now.

Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my best to get older videos uploaded from my streams that I managed to save before my old hard drive died. The last of which should be up by the end of the week.

I’m hoping to do a better job with uploading New Horizons stuff sooner. At the very least, the daily logs here will still be the main information for what I went through with my town! And I can’t wait to write, do videos, and do streams for New Horizons too.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – March 20th, 2020!

Posted by: | on June 11, 2019

I already wrote up my thoughts and observations on my main website ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be doing blog posts there similar to how I did here for New Leaf. I’m looking forward to it and streaming again <3

I messed up for nothing.

Posted by: | on March 2, 2019

One of the requests I get the most is if Iโ€™ll update my Dream Suite. In all honesty, it surprises me people still want to visit, but itโ€™s a nice feeling. Regardless, no matter how many times I replied to people or answered, it’d end up popping up again.

So, I decided, I’d make a video to show why. That way, people can direct questions there or find a video with the info they’re looking for.

Only… I screwed up. My game was set at April 7th, 2015 and I, not having written down the year for some reason, set it to April 7th, 2016.

I can’t really describe the initial dread I felt when Isabelle said how long it’s been. For one, this meant the hair would be messed up for all characters which is infuriating because sliders suck. I hate having to use sliders in this game. It’s incredibly nervewracking. The other reason, of course, is the moving mechanic.

By SOME miracle, nobody moved and while Flurry was tempted to, I stopped her. Unfortunately, there was the Dandelion issue… I thankfully had a spare fluffy Dandelion, but I didn’t have any other yellow ones… A huge thank you to Bianca who gave me one ;~;

I will say it’s nice that friendship never really goes away–it just pauses.

It’s generally how I am with friendship so I guess if anyone I know is reading this and we haven’t spoken for a while, don’t worry and feel free to say Hi whenever.

However, when I went to update the Dream Suite, well…

My Dream Address actually hasn’t changed at all… So I have no idea why it isn’t working for people sometimes… So I spent… ~7 hours on this now and I just… .________.

As a reminder…

Posted by: | on September 13, 2018

All posts about newer Animal Crossing games will be on my main website ๐Ÿ™‚ This is specifically for New Leaf. So, I’ll be posting all Welcome to Animal Crossing content over there!

I made my first post today talking about what I am hoping for from the game and am looking forward to writing more as we get more information!